Friday, March 28, 2008

A Vat of Butter

A mean-spirited old woman falls into a vat of butter on her way home, taking her on a journey into beauty she has long forgotten.

what does she see? who does she meet? how does she emerge from the vat?


Indeterminacy said...

The mean old woman lands on a frying pan which gets hotter and hotter. She meet scaricatures of people she was mean to in the past, and must be nice to them now. But it is a race against time. She must be nice before she is fried to a crisp.

observer said...

She'd only ever considered herself and what she could get from the world. When she fell into trouble her only way out was to share the burden. She offerd portions of the butter to the starving, the lonely and those who'd lost hope. As the rich flavour spread it gave the world energy, hope and love. Arms of those she'd helped reached in to help her out of the vat of her self-obsession. Finally she realised the beauty in helping strangers.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the women never returned from the delicious golden vat of butter - having never before considered the beauty that could lie in something ANYthing as mundane, as butter.

Her world was revolutionized in an instant and her tranquill nature resounded so! Throughout every atom that reverberated as her b e i n g. A complete and golden embrace, much like the dawn, from which she would never return.