Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A man from Timbuktu places an online ad offering his soul in exchange for a trifling amount; soon after he gets a taker, offering much more.

What happens? How does Timbuktu figure in the arrangement?


observer said...

He asked for a grain of rice. Because a soul is worth whatever value you choose to give it. He was offered all the angels on the head of a pin instead. Pin included.

The man is thrilled with the offer, but turns it down. If that's what his soul is worth, he's not so certain he's willing to part with it.

Indeterminacy said...

The man from Timbuktu asked for all the riches in the world.

The buyer gives these to him and in addition offers a book of incredible philosophy, containing compelling explanations of the meaning of life, the universe and everything. But as the man from Timbuktu no longer has a soul, he can only hold open the book, and cry over it, tears of frustration. He realizes how worthless the riches are.