Thursday, April 3, 2008


A man gives himself twenty minutes to find a girlfriend, learn a new language, reconcile with his parents, and write the novel of a lifetime.

How does he do it?


Indeterminacy said...

In split-second decisioning he decides to kill all the birds with one stone - he finds a lonely immigrant girl who cannot speak English - only her own language, and begins talking with her, absorbing her language. The girl he selected is so charming that he knows he will appeal to his parents, thereby reconciling himself with them, and all the while he is dictating a stream of consciousness novel into a dictation machine for later typing (his girls picks up English listening to his narrative).

Madeleine: You make these limilines too easy.

observer said...

He loves a challenge. But somehow things have always mysteriously fallen into his lap. When he reaches the end of the 20 mintues realising he'd succeeded in his task it occurs to him the commas and quotation marks in his life were really in the book of the girl keeping the journal two posts ago.

observer said...

"You could at least have made my fictional novel a good one," he says, cursing her adolescent imagination.

Hobbes said...

Badly, I'd guess.

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